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Industrial Machine Shop

– Machining of Flanges
– Machining of Shaft
– Machining of Bushings
– Overhaul of Gearboxes
– Overhaul of Pumps
– Milling of Components

Other typical Machine Shop Services Include but not limited to:

– Manufacturing of both male and female splines.
– Manufacture and repairs of gears.
– Threading and repairs of shafts.
– Repairs to drive shafts, male and female.
– Straightening of shafts.
– Manufacturing of U-Clamps.
– Manufacturing of “Holding down bolts”
– Extraction of broken bolts, studs and bearings.
– Use of hydraulic press for pressing of bushings.
– Cutting of keyways, both internal and external.
– Repairs to hubs, discs plates, pressure and flywheel for both cars and trucks.
– Re-sleeving of bearings, housings and arms.
– Machining of worm shaft and worm gears.

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